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You can start by reading about a recent incident that reinforced our belief in Defensive Driving Techniques.


Hypermile – A blog for Better Driving, Safe Driving

Hypermiling – A collection of driving techniques that helps the hypermiler save on fuel. Some hypermiling experts claim the savings to be as high as 50% compared to most drivers. In a new hypermiling record for an electric vehicle, Tesla Model 3 traveled 606 miles or 975 KM in a single charge. Petrol price has literally …




Hypermile.site was born with an idea that anyone can learn to drive safe and collectively we can make our roads safer. While there is no substitute to practice, having basic concepts ingrained in your subconscious helps. That is what we want to propagate. Embed safe practices deep in our brains so that when the time comes, the brain takes the safest response in split of a second.